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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Useful DIY Coat Rack From A Wood Pallet

DIY projects are great because help you to save stuff, money and brings a personal satisfaction which is the most important of all. You may prove yourself that you are good at many things and you may also get the others’ appreciation who will admire your work and creativity.
Here it is another DIY project which involves the creation of a beautiful DIY Coat Rack. It will look great in your hall where it will bring more color and life.All you need is just a wood pallet and some other materials like: a bunch of hooks and handles, several different paints, and a sander. You also need some tools to remove the bottom deck board. After the removing you should sand the surface of the pallet and paint it in different colors. If you want all surfaces looks good then paint each with several coats of paint and sand a little in between.
The way you choose the colors will determine the appearance of a wonderful d├ęcor which will speak a lot about your preferences and style.
This DIY Coat Rack is perfect for your coats but here you can also put your small bags, a scarf or a hat. It is a useful and practical piece of furniture that can be built easily and will prove its efficiency in time.{found on marieatousprix}

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