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Sunday, July 14, 2013

DIY Spice Rack

Kitchen is a place where you have a lot of equipment and all sorts of things that will make you get a delicious meal. Here you will need to organize yourself in order to find the things you need at the right moment and some racks and supports will be very useful to arrange all your kitchenware.
When you start cooking you need to know where you can find all your ingredients and from where you can take all the equipment that you need for your recipe.A special place will be reserved to the spices. They are usually the magic ingredients or the cooker’s secret for a tasty meal.
Now you have the opportunity to create your DIY Spice Rack where you may arrange your favorite spices.You will be able to create a simple multi-level spice rack for 30 jars made of stripped pallets. The process of stripping is not very complicated. Basically, you saw all the cross-boards in the center so they are easier to pry off. After prying the boards off, the next step is removing the nails from all of the boards using a hammer.
In order to make wood planks looks better you need to smooth them with the electric planer. After that you need to make several boards and fix them together using screws.{found on d.i. wine & dine.}

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