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Sunday, July 14, 2013

How to Save Space with a Kitchen Island

A kitchen is a very crowded room because you need a lot of tools and furniture in there. When you cook you need all kids of pots and pans, spoons and jars, ingredients that must be stored in cabinets or in the fridge you need a counter where to chop the vegetables and also a table where to prepare everything or maybe have lunch or at least breakfast. You need some chairs and also you need them to be moveable in order to place them out of the way when the job is done. But it would be really perfect if you could have all these in a single furniture item. And this is possible with this Kitchen island.
If you have a small kitchen or maybe you just want to save some space and use it in a clever way, you should certainly use it, as it is all in one. It has a large countertop where you can perform all the kitchen actions, then it has two handy drawers under it where you can store the most necessary tools and ingredients and finally it has a lot of space underneath, where you can store the two stools that come with it. The place is perfectly designed for the stools to fit and you can even move the piece of furniture when you no longer use it. This saves a lot of space and instead of having three or four pieces of furniture, you only have one. The kitchen island is made in natural walnut and looks pretty solid. It looks very nice and is really practical and you can have it for $149.

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