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Friday, July 12, 2013

14 Inspiring DIY projects featuring reclaimed wood furniture

Some of the most spectacular DIY projects involved taking an old piece of furniture and giving it a new identity or using something as simple and useless as a pallet and turning it into something functional and amazing. Reclaimed wood furniture is very interesting mostly because it has a history and this makes it charming and unique. Here are a few projects that might give you some inspiration.

Pallet Wine Rack.

As you must already know, wooden pallets are amazing when it comes to DIY projects. They can be used to make just about anything. A simple project would be to use a wooden pallet and to transform it into a wine-rack. Take the bottom of the panel and made a cut across the 3 beams, then add an extra board to the back and one to the bottom. Secure each attachment and give it a nice finish.{found onwilsonsandpugs}.

Reclaimed wood headboard.

With some pieces of wood and some free time you can also change the atmosphere in your bedroom by building a nice headboard. For this project you can use reclaimed wood from a fence or anywhere else you can find it. Building the headboard is easy. You can also add some lights to make it even more beautiful.{found on site}.

Reclaimed wood cabinet.

With a little creativity you can also come up with lots of other useful ideas for the house. For example, you could make a nice cabinet for your kitchen. You don’t have to make it from scratch. You can use an old cabinet and give it a makeover by adding some panels and details. This way you can make your own custom furniture.{found on ikeahackers}.

Side table.

A side table would also be a simple project to try out this week-end. You can use reclaimed wood from fences or old furniture. If you want, you can also mix the old pieces with some new ones. The side table can match the headboard and you could make the two pieces yourself. They can also be complementary. Just figure out the dimensions and get to work.{found on blackoakvintage}.

Wood wall art.

If you’re crafty and ingenious, you can also use reclaimed wood for more than just furniture. For example, you could make some beautiful wall art. You can take a few pieces of wood of different dimensions and out them together to form a panel. Paint each piece a different color and mix and match them as you wish.{found on perfectlyimperfectblog}.

Pallet bench.

And since we were talking about pallets, here’s another idea you can use as inspiration: a cozy breakfast corner with a bench made out of reclaimed pallets. Building the bench should take a few hours. First you can give the wood a dark stain for a more rustic look. Then make the measurements and get to work. It would be wise to add padded felt to the bottom so you don’t scratch the floors. And if you have some leftover pieces you can also make a nice serving tray.{found on designsponge}.

Reclaimed wood shelf.

If you prefer something simple, then maybe you could try making some shelves. All you have to do is cut the wood to the desired dimensions and then mount the shelves onto the wall. It’s easy and it doesn’t take much time. Also, a few extra shelves are always a nice addition.{found onnotjustahousewife}.

Chevron Pattern Recycled Wood Planter Box.

Another creative way of using reclaimed wood would be to make a planter. You can make a simple planter for outdoor use, like a box, without any distinguishable features, or you could make something a little more eye-catching, like the model in the pictures. You would just need some paint and brushes and it can all be done without much effort.{found on zelophotoblog}.

Reclaimed Door Coffee Table.

Whenever you find some pieces of wood, either from an old piece of furniture, a door or something else, the first thing that comes into your mind while trying to figure out what you can do with them is usually a coffee table. You can make a coffee table from just about anything. For example, this one is made from an old wooden door. It even has the knobs still attached.{found on killerbdesigns}.

Wood table.

If you don’t want the table to look particularly neat and fancy but would rather prefer something rustic and unique, then you can use scrap pieces of wood of different dimensions, different finishes and even different colors. Find a base for the table and add the top.{found on kfddesigns}.

Another reclaimed wood table.

Here’s a similar version, this time with a more cohesive design. It’s a simple table made from reclaimed pieces of wood. It has a metal base and it makes a nice rustic dinner table. If you want, you can either stain the wood or simply sand it for a look that has more character. You can also paint the table top, as well as the base.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

DIY Succulent Table.

Here’s a more eye-catching coffee table design. The structure of the table is actually quite simple. It’s a sort of box with an opening in the center. This opening was designed to be a small garden where plants can be added. It’s a very nice way of introducing a small piece of nature into the living room without wasting additional space.{found on faroutflora}.

Solid wood table.

This beautiful dining table is also made of reclaimed wood. It has four very simple wooden feet and a top made from several pieces of wood. They combine beautifully for a cohesive look and they give the table lots of character. The construction is solid and the table is also versatile as it can also be sued as a desk.{found on aspirationalhipster}.

Living room coffee table.

This is a cart-style coffee table also made from reclaimed pieces of wood. As you can see, the wood is quite old. It was used to create a rectangular box-like structure that then got casters and became easy to move around. The rope handles are the detail that gives it a very charming and unique look. It’s a lovely piece to be added in any living room.{found on addicted2decorating}.

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