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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Japanese Seamless Minimalist House

Japanese Seamless Minimalist House

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: Seamless Minimalist House Open Tread Staircase
Japanese Seamless Minimalist House – October 11th, 2012 – Japan always has its own characteristic beauty of the design, is it ToyFriends? Another gorgeous house featuring a light wooden is come from Muji. The layout was designed as seamless minimalist house. So we can had a space to breathe and let the air flowing.
Seamless minimalist house floating sideboard
Light brown color scheme is very felt since entering the first time. The walls are white, followed by brown furniture, was very featured the wood tones. Open tread staircase maximized the light that comes from the big window through the entire house.
Seamless minimalist house pine wood floor
The low back L-Shaped sofa form a different area that you can sit down and relax, if we remembered that this house was designed as a seamless minimalist house. So it’s important for you if creating a seamless room, putting some furniture to create a clear border between, for example, dinner area, kitchen, or living room.
Seamless minimalist house stainless steel kitchen
Talking about kitchen, this seamless minimalist house placing the kitchen as a open plan kitchen with simple storage that can be either covered with sliding glass door or fully open for an easy access through the storage.
Seamless minimalist house stainless steel sink
Muji put many stainless steel furniture also, not only for its practical maybe, but we thought that it give more sense of power to this house. So it is a mild yet a strong seamless minimalist house.
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