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Saturday, May 25, 2013

DIY modern rustic living room make-over

DIY modern rustic living room make-over

Hi folks, I am so excited to post this update! So excited that hey, there are a few things in here that aren't perfect, but I am not waiting for perfect - so let's show you what we've done!!

When I revealed the rustic wall hanging from this post, I was waiting for something to be done before I would show the wide view of the hanging on our wall..

Well my friends, it has now been done!

A while back I needed a spare TV for the kids to watch their DVD's on, so I bought one on trade me. It was $1 and even came with a TV stand. I wasn't fussed on the TV stand at first but then we got an idea.... Here is our TV (not the $1 one!!) on the stand below, before we gave it a make over. It is flimsy mdf wood on a steel frame. You can even see the MDF buckling under the weight of the entertainment unit and Tivo. This is the best & only before picture I have so sorry for the poor quality.....

So, what we decided to do with the unit was simply strip off the MDF and replace it with recycled tawa (NZ native) tongue and groove, reclaimed from a demolished villa.

Here's how it turned out...

I just LOVE it! The wood is imperfect and you can tell it has had a previous life, and the smooth lines give the unit a contemporary look. Here's a closer look....

Oh and yes it ties in with the rustic wall hanging quite nicely!

The coffe table is made up of two boxes that the hubs made out of an old pallet and then there are two tongue and groove panels on top that you can push together to make one large lid. This table suits us to the 'T' as we can put quite a lot of stuff inside the boxes, and the lids can get scratched up and ruined and we will  not mind one bit. Rustic is a good look for a young family as all of the knocks and bumps just add to the piece. I had a wee go at painting on one of the lids but then decided it didn't really suit it, although I haven't gotten around to sanding / wiping it off yet.. it might grow on me??

So that is where we are at with our living room for now... I am missing something in the corner to the left of the TV.... and I have not yet decided what I want to go there, so there's something fun to think about!

I am well behind on posting our projects due to a very busy week and the man of the house turning 30! Happy Birthday Hubs! So there will be a few more awesome projecty posts coming out of the mill this week.

Thanks for stopping by!

Alex & Sunny


It's Saturday and I have been busy filling that gap in the corner. I have added a small table and some old windows that are just waiting to be used for another project. I have also added a huge piece of charcoal carpet to act as a rug. Now it looks a little bit more 'finished'.

Here's the photo bomb!

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