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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Coat Rack with a bit of Wall Protection

Coat Rack with a bit of Wall Protection

Materials: Molger Floor Decking and Attest Knobs

Description: Normal coat hooks near the door have always had the problem of buttons, zips, etc. scrapping the walls so we wanted a different solution.

Our answer was to use four Molger floor decking panels with 10 (5 packs of 2) Attest knobs as coat hooks - other knobs are available!


Simply decide on the layout for the knobs and drill a suitable size hole for each knob - we did them in two rows so there are grand-children height hooks as well. The bolts to attach the knobs will need shortening as they are designed for a thicker board - just use a hacksaw and cut to required length. I put a nut on the bolt before cutting so that it helps clean the thread after cutting.

Coat Rack with a bit of Wall Protection

The Molgers are simply mounted on the wall using two butterfly or cavity wall fixings per Molger in the centre.

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